It’s been over 50 years since a ski-in, ski-out Richard H. Bell Interfaith Chapel was constructed on Sugarloaf Mountain and local businessman Richard Bell led the way. Thirty years ago, in 1988, his daughter, Elizabeth “Buffy” Bell, wrote, “The chapel was founded by a man who knew no difference in race, creed or faith". He felt that visitors should have a spiritual place to go when they were away from home. We are committed to that purpose and to assist with the needs of the growing population of full-time residents within the area.

    Since then the chapel has fulfilled its mission housing programs that serve people from birth to the end of life and providing a place of comfort or celebration for events that take place in the lives of people who reside or vacation in this mountain community.

    The chapel, formed as a nonprofit organization, owns the land on which it is located, and is overseen by an ten-member board. Upgrades and restoration of the chapel are underway to help meet the needs of the community for the next 50 years.

Bell Chapel in Winter

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President:  Gerry Thompson
Vice President:  Dorothy Breen
Secretary/Treasurer: Elizabeth Bell-Folsum
Members and Friends of The Dick Bell Chapel

Board of Directors:

Gerry Thompson • Dorothy Breen • Elizabeth Bell-Folsum • Charlie Beers
Steve Arner • David Pier • Eric Goodwin • Phoebe Folger • Cathy Ryle • Karen Hunter Korn

5085 Access Road  • Carabassett Valley, Maine  • 04947